A Message From our Founders:


Jeff Horn:

When I ride, I honor my family. As my grandfather said, we’re scooter trash, but we’re hard workers. I want to live in a world where tradespeople are respected and little girls and boys dream of making something with their hands or just serving their fellows, as my family has done.  You shouldn’t have to go to college to feel pride in your work.

John F. Whelan:

I was raised by a single mother. I’m lucky to have been raised well enough to look back and see just what a feat it is to be a single parent.   She knew the value of community and instilled those values in me at an early age.  When I started to learn how to play guitar, I quickly conjured dreams of building them too. To this very day I still tell myself I'll eventually become a luthier.  That’s why Strongbacks Inc. is dedicated to offering scholarships for young people so that they can learn a trade in lieu of taking on crippling debt for a degree.




Everett, MA 02149, USA

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