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Chris (Baffled) Valites

Weekend Warrior

Passionate and hard working, Chris takes everything he does very seriously.  Chris is a deeply kind human that cares a great deal for the well-being of all people. It is not hyperbole to say he would give you the shirt off his back.  As a club we have truly enjoyed watching Chris grow from a participating rider, to a corporate sponsor to a full fledged member in just one year. 

Location: Somerville, MA

Bike: 2016 Harley Davidson FXDLS

Longest Ride: 3872.7 Miles

Tina Prevost

Weekend Warrior

Integrity, Hard Work and Community Wellness.  Tina embodies these core values of the club every single day.  Among her countless virtues, Tina cares deeply for the people of this world.  She is driven to better herself in every way and therefore pushes us all to be better humans.  Sharing the road with Tina is the greatest blessing the members of this club could ever ask for.

Location: Somerville, MA

Bike: 2019 Indian Scout Bobber

Longest Ride: 3903.1 Miles

Dom Colangelo

Day Rider

A true boot-strapper and self made man.  Dom is wise beyond his years and a well weathered adventurer at that!  Dom never shies away from a chance to experience something new and  embraces every challenge with a broad grin.  We're not just proud but blessed to call him "brother".

Location: Brighton, MA

Bike: 2017 Yamaha FZ10

Longest Ride: 438 Miles

Bryan (Cyborg) Pedlar

Long Hauler - Ride Captain

As good a man as he is a friend, Bryan Pedlar was one of the earliest supporters of The Strongbacks mission.  Needless to say, this man's commitment to making the world a better place is unparalleled.  Just don't ride behind him without ear plugs!

Location: Brighton, MA

Bike: 2018 Triumph Speedmaster (this month)

Longest Ride: 1,972.5 Miles

John Whelan (JFW)

Long Hauler - Co-Founder

John is one of those folks who just can't sit still.  Watch while he wiggles and weaves from I-93 to Route 66!  At the top of his bucket list is to tour the globe on two wheels.  

Location: Everett, MA

Bike: 2014 Indian Chief Vintage

Longest Ride: 4,610.4 Miles

Jeff Horn

Weekend Warrior - Co-Founder

Jeff Horn is our resident contrarian.  His country fried soul warms our hearts and keeps us honest.  His dedication to empowering young adults is endless as he mentors aspiring trades-people in the tech field.

Location: Cambridge, MA

Bike: 2018 Harley Davidson Road King

Longest Ride: 1,056.5 Miles

Lowell (Townsend) Gregg

Day Rider - Chairman

Townsend is a creature of comfort.  There's nothing with moving parts that he can't figure out, take apart, improve, and re-assemble.  He has a keen eye for following the right leaders, and therefore becomes a leader himself.

Location: Denver, CO

Bike: 2017 Ducati Diavel

Longest Ride:  1,895 miles

Derek ('Murican Dream) Guild

Weekend Warrior

Derek​ exudes joy, integrity and above all strength in character.  As a father, husband and friend he is committed to making the world a better place.  The best part of riding with Derek is his robust collection of punch lines.

Location: Townsend, MA

Bike: 2008 Victory Octane

Longest Ride:   656 Miles

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Must believe in the Strongbacks mission

Must be prepared to be active in community service efforts

Must accumulate 750 miles total with at least 2 senior members.

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