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Together we will change the world.  Join us on our next public ride.

What the Strongbacks Patch Stands For...

Strengthening the Community

Strongbacks LDRC is a charitable organization devoted to making the world a better place through various initiatives.


Our members are expected to regularly volunteer in their own neighborhoods. 

Our goal is to organize fundraising rides that contribute to a scholarship program for young people from single parent households.

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Become a Strongbacks Rider

Day Riders

For the busy rider looking to make a difference

Sign up for a day ride today and get to know us. Become a Day Rider Member and help us spread the word!  Your participation will empower our brand and any funds you raise go toward the foundation's core mission!


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Weekend Warriors

For those who need an escape with good company

For Members and guests of members only.  Our weekend trips typically land at a campground.  Riders are expected to raise as much as $2.00 per mile - round trip. We have two Weekend Warrior Rides per season, not including the Annual Polar Bear Ride in January!

Long Haulers

Members Only - Not for the feint of heart

For those who want to embody the "LD" componant of The Strongbacks LDRC, we have a number of challenges to overcome.  We organize one annual long haul to a different destination each year.  2016 was Boston to New Orleans, 2017 will be Boston to the Milwaukee Rally in Wisconsin, and 2018 is TBD.  These rides also award milestone patches!

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Strongbacks Leadership

John Whelan (JFW)


A glutton for punishment, John loves to push himself to the max.  As passionate about pizza as he is for helping others, John rides day and night and even in the snow and rain.  John lives to make a difference.

Location: Everett, MA

Bike: 2014 Indian Chief Vintage

Longest Ride: 4,610.4 Miles

In Jeff's time as Co-Founder, he has illustrated great passion in pursuing our mission.  Jeff's dedication, leadership, and innovative thought process have served the Strongbacks mission immensely.  We are excited to have him formally tied to the organization in a leadership capacity, and we are confident that his continued contributions will be invaluable.

Location: Cambridge, MA

Bike: 2018 Harley Davidson Road King

Longest Ride: 1,056.5 Miles

Jeffrey Horn


How to Become a Member

It’s Easy to Join

We’re always on the lookout for new members. If you are interested in becoming a part of our cause, there are 3 steps to the process. If you don’t find that group riding is for you but still want to help, please contact us to discuss other ways you can pitch in!

Read the Club Charter

Get to know us and our Philosphy

Join us for a Public Ride

Meet us in Person

Submit your Application

Do Good With Us



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